Perspective – The Secret to Success at Work

In the last few months I’ve been asked for my best advice on how to get ahead at work and I always have the same answer – have perspective.

What’s perspective?

  • Know the big picture:  You need to understand what your company does and what your boss does.  Get to know why customers buy your product.  Find out what makes your company different and better than it’s competitors.  If you want to get promoted, you have to know what your boss and your bosses boss value.
  • See things from another point of view:  Sometimes it’s really frustrating when you want something and you don’t get it.  But if you put yourself in your boss’s shoes, or if you think of the situation from the opposite perspective, you may suddenly see that there’s a good reason why people are saying no.
  • Learn from your mistakes:  If every time something doesn’t go your way, you blame someone else or chalk it up to bad luck, you’re missing a chance to get it right next time.  Assume it IS all about you and try to see every possible way you could do it differently next time.
  • Be patient:  Sometimes it’s just not the right time for a particular idea to work.  If you are getting resistance, sit back and see if there’s a reason why others are saying no.  Don’t assume that just because you can’t have something right now, you can never have it.

Perspective takes time to develop, but it is one of the most valuable skills you can bring to the workplace.  How do you keep your perspective?

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