Row Row ROWE Your Team

In 2007 Best Buy implemented a Results Only Work Environment or ROWE. They took the bold step of allowing their employees to work when they wanted, where they wanted, and to measure only the results and not the time spent in the office. The result? 40% more productivity, and a 90% reduction in voluntary turnover. Is a ROWE for you?


Challenges for Technical Managers

The technical manager is generally the customer facing portion of a technical team.  Your customer might be a true external customer, upper management or another group within your organization.  Regardless your goals are the same – to identify the client needs, and to create an accurate timeframe and description of the deliverable.  In this role […]


How to Delegate Effectively

The second mindset adjustment involves being held responsible for more work than you could possibly complete by yourself.  This is corollary to point #1 because when you realize that your subordinates are less efficient and/or less skilled, you will be tempted to try to do the work yourself instead but must realize that this is […]

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