Understanding HR – Basics for Managers

As a manager, unless you are working in a very tiny company you will most likely have access to an HR department to handle some of the back-end paperwork for your team. You might not know it, but being an employer is a complex process in terms of government regulations and laws, taxes, etc. There […]


How Do You Choose Your Team?

In 2011 Mumford and Sons broke out after their appearance on the Grammy’s.  After watching them, a friend of mine quipped: Too bad Mumford didn’t have any sons who played drums… It’s tempting as a manager to think about the elements you need on your team and worry about the skills you don’t have.  You […]


5 Questions All New Managers Need to Ask on Day 1

Your first day on the job as a new manager can be nerve wracking.  New responsibilities, new expectations, and everyone looking to you for leadership when you don’t even know where the bathroom is yet.  So what do you do in your first days and weeks as a new manager to start things off on […]


Jason Fried – Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Great insight on why working in the office and being interrupted all day makes no sense. Looking for more ideas on how to grow your management and leadership skills?  Why not join the Survive Your Promotion group on LinkedIn?  Share management and leadership resources, ask questions, make connections and help other emerging leaders!


How to Deal with a Bad Boss – 6 Tips for Working with a Tough Supervisor

What do you do when your own boss is not so great? As you get better at being a manager, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are LOTS of managers who seem to have missed out on their own training and development. You may be on the receiving end of some of the new manager mistakes I talked about in an earlier post. Whether your manager is too indecisive to choose a sandwich at lunch or a dominating control freak who wants to edit your every email before you send it, you will need some strategies to survive and thrive. Here are your best options for minimizing the impact of a bad boss on your life.


How to Keep Your Best Employees from Quitting

The recovery is beginning and the fear of instability that has held your best people in their seats for two tough years is fading away. Research indicates that 2010 may be the year of turnover – the year that your best people start looking at the job market. Are you doing everything you can to retain your best people?


Don’t be that guy…

As a new manager you are walking into a game with rules, processes and established methods of communication. If you fail to take the time to get to know those rules in advance, you will have a long uphill battle to regain the trust and respect of your fellow managers. During your first few weeks, make sure to take the time to meet with other managers, particularly those with whom you will be working closely.

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