Getting promoted is a big step forward in your career, congratulations! But the skills that made you a great individual contributor are not the same skills that will make you successful as a leader. We’ve handpicked our top 20 articles and compiled them into a guide to help you get started.

Getting Started - Tools and Tips for your First Few Weeks

Understanding HR – Basics for Managers

As a manager, unless you are working in a very tiny company you will most likely have access to an HR department to handle some of the back-end paperwork for your team. You might not know it, but being an employer is a complex process in terms of government regulations and laws, taxes, etc. There […]

Top 10 Tools and Resources for New Managers

Starting a new job with management responsibilities?  It can be overwhelming.  The good news is there are plenty of tools to help you be successful in your new management role.  Here are a few of my favorites: The Association for Talent Development – ATD (formerly ASTD) is an industry association for trainers, managers, and anyone […]

Time Management: Scheduled Days

There are a lot of different kinds of days in your working life. There are days full of meetings and days where you plow through your to-do list. There are days where you thought you were going to get one thing done but some other urgent task appeared and your plan went out the window. […]

How to Keep Your Team Motivated – Incentives that Work

Today as I was flipping through my twitter feed I came across a gem of an article on the likelihood of incentive programs to backfire by Dan and Chip Heath.  It reminded me of the old law of unintended consequences.  As a manager when you act, things happen.  Some of them are things you wanted […]

In Defense of the Hand Written To-Do List

I’m a geek.  I love my smartphone and my iPad, I’ve worked in IT for years, and I’m all about technology.  So here’s a surprise – I hand write my daily task list.  Every day.  Why would I do that when there are so many great tech based tools out there to keep track of […]

How to Keep Your Focus

People are always looking for better ways to figure out how to focus on what’s important and how to eliminate some of the many distractions that suck away time. Here’s an example of how a vision or mission can help you prioritize your time.

Strategies for Dealing with Boring Tasks at Work

Do you have tedious tasks that pile up and become big chores? Keep them in check with the 15 minute drill – the simple way to stay on top of your task list.

Randy Pausch on Time Management

If you haven’t seen the long version of this talk by Randy Pausch, it’s here. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, Randy was a professor at Carnegie Mellon who died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago. In his last year he gave an inspirational speech and wrote a book […]

Introducing GRASP – A New Model for Goal Management

You’ve heard of SMART goals and the GROW model – this post introduces a new way of looking at goal management for new managers – the GRASP model.

10 Tips for New Managers

Transitioning into a management role for the first time can be a shock. The day to day activities of a supervisor are very different from those of an individual contributor. A while back I wrote a list of the top mistakes new managers make, so here is the companion to that list – 10 things you should do when you take on a management position

25 Tools Every Manager Should Know

Including books, time management training, leadership coaching and other key resources, this article is a great starting point for managers at all levels.

The Science of Motivation

This is an AMAZING talk by Daniel Pink. It’s long but you won’t notice because he’s such an engaging speaker and the facts he presents are so contrary to everything you think you know about how to use rewards to motivate your employees.  

Tame Your To-Do List!

Are you managing your to-do list or is it managing you? Learn key strategies to get control of your life and effectively manage your time.

Setting SMART Goals

How to use the SMART acronym to set goals. This simple tutorial walks you through the basics of using tools to effectively set targets for your team.

FREE Goal Planning Toolkit!

Get a free four part goal planning toolkit including a SWOT analysis, personal development exercise, SMART goal template and year long goal management tracking sheet!