Crisis Leadership

In February 2010 the Canadian sail training vessel Concordia sank off the coast of Brazil. 15 minutes to get 64 students and staff members into lifeboats. Due to great equipment and proper training everyone was safely rescued by the Brazilian Navy and other area vessels.


How to Build a Team

Teambuilding is a key component of effective management. A group of happy, high-performing individuals is not a team. So how do you build a culture of mutual dependence within your team? Find out the top three key components to effective team building for new managers.


Don’t be that guy…

As a new manager you are walking into a game with rules, processes and established methods of communication. If you fail to take the time to get to know those rules in advance, you will have a long uphill battle to regain the trust and respect of your fellow managers. During your first few weeks, make sure to take the time to meet with other managers, particularly those with whom you will be working closely.


Fear Can Kill Your Career

Fear can save your life but it can kill your career. As a leader, fear of failure can keep you from making the decisions that are critical to your success as a manager. Learn how to focus on the goal, not the obstacles.


The Simple Path to Leadership Bench Strength

We all know about helicopter parents – those nuts who start off doing their kids homework and end up filling out their job applications – but what about helicopter managers?  I don’t mean micro managers who follow their team members around breathing down their necks.  I mean the supervisors who fail to realize that it’s […]


Patrick Lencioni on Trust

I love Patrick Lencioni – here is a brief segment of a talk on trust that highlights the difference between predictive trust and emotional vulnerability. Are your leadership skills holding you back? I can help! Contact me to see what a little coaching can do for your career!


Management vs. Leadership

The difference between management and leadership. Must all managers be leaders? Should leaders be able to break their grand dreams and schemes into tactical action plans? What is a leader anyway?


The Science of Motivation

This is an AMAZING talk by Daniel Pink. It’s long but you won’t notice because he’s such an engaging speaker and the facts he presents are so contrary to everything you think you know about how to use rewards to motivate your employees.  


Challenge Yourself To Be More Effective

Being a leader is not about making excuses or having great reasons for why you couldn’t reach that tough goal. Anyone can say “I can’t” but leaders challenge themselves to say “I can and I will”

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