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Perspective – The Secret to Success at Work

In the last few months I’ve been asked for my best advice on how to get ahead at work and I always have the same answer – have perspective. What’s perspective? Know the big picture:  You need to understand what your company does and what your boss does.  Get to know why customers buy your […]


Keeping Your Team Members Motivated

Today I was reminded again that different people have different reasons for doing (or not doing) good work.  It’s an easy lesson to forget when you are busy and juggling multiple priorities.  You can fall into the bad habit of doling out projects based on availability and capacity rather than trying to make sure that […]


The Pattern of Great Leadership – Simon Sinek

Looking for more ideas on how to grow your management and leadership skills?  Why not join the Survive Your Promotion group on LinkedIn?  Share management and leadership resources, ask questions, make connections and help other emerging leaders!


Row Row ROWE Your Team

In 2007 Best Buy implemented a Results Only Work Environment or ROWE. They took the bold step of allowing their employees to work when they wanted, where they wanted, and to measure only the results and not the time spent in the office. The result? 40% more productivity, and a 90% reduction in voluntary turnover. Is a ROWE for you?


The Opposite of Love

Apathy can be deadly to your own career and the productivity and health of your team. Find out how to break the cycle of apathy and keep yourself and your team members happy and productive.


The Simple Path to Leadership Bench Strength

We all know about helicopter parents – those nuts who start off doing their kids homework and end up filling out their job applications – but what about helicopter managers?  I don’t mean micro managers who follow their team members around breathing down their necks.  I mean the supervisors who fail to realize that it’s […]

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