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Understanding Communication and Personality Styles

To be effective as a manager it’s helpful if you understand and adapt your own communication style when you are interacting with other members of your team.  As with time management there are many tools and instruments to assess communication style and personality type.  Each of the sites listed below describes a tool or assessment […]


Evaluating Your Strengths with SWOT Analysis

A great exercise for any new manager is to do a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.  This framework is useful for analyzing many different types of scenarios including new product proposals, individual contributors and vendors, but in this case we will use is as a self evaluation tool.  You can use it […]


How to Build Trust With Your Team

As an individual contributor, your primary method of adding value to your organization is the quality and quantity of your work.  Your ability to work as a team member and support others is a great bonus, but most companies will keep a highly talented, productive worker even if he/she doesn’t have great communication skills or […]


How to Understand and Motivate Your Team

All managers should have a realistic understanding of the ebb and flow of their team’s lives outside of work. That is not to say that you need to be best friends with your direct reports, or that you need to delve into your team’s personal lives.  It’s more that you should make an effort to understand that an […]


Time Management Systems

This post is a 2 for 1.  I was planning to put together a post reviewing a few of the major trends in time management systems.  Instead I did a quick search and found a great article which describes in detail some of the major systems out there.  Since it said just about everything I […]


Challenges for Technical Managers

The technical manager is generally the customer facing portion of a technical team.  Your customer might be a true external customer, upper management or another group within your organization.  Regardless your goals are the same – to identify the client needs, and to create an accurate timeframe and description of the deliverable.  In this role […]


How to Delegate Effectively

The second mindset adjustment involves being held responsible for more work than you could possibly complete by yourself.  This is corollary to point #1 because when you realize that your subordinates are less efficient and/or less skilled, you will be tempted to try to do the work yourself instead but must realize that this is […]

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