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Are you stuck in a sheep cyclone?

This is what teamwork and collaboration looks like at its best: This is what it looks like at it’s worst: Here are three signs you are stuck in a collaboration sheep cyclone: You have a recurring meeting and the agenda items haven’t changed in over a month You propose a ridiculous idea as a joke […]


Book Review – The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace by Cy Wakeman

Last week Cy Wakeman released her new book The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace. I want to start by applauding Cy for pulling no punches as she delivers her perspective on how to be successful at work. It comes down to one thing and really only one thing – taking accountability for your own behavior. […]


Book Review: Give and Take by Adam Grant

It took me a long time to read Give and Take although not for the reason you might think.  While I did find that Adam Grant has a tendency to repeat himself from time to time, overall I found the book to be thought provoking.  I often put it down to consider a point and […]


4 Tips for Solving Tough Problems

I’ve never come up with a great idea sitting at my desk going through my to-do list.  My best ideas come when I do one (or more) of these things: Walk away from the problem – Sometimes when you leave something alone for a couple of days, you see it from a different perspective and […]


The Speed of Leadership

Have you ever been driving on a highway and missed your exit?  There’s a moment of panic and indecision as you see the sign and wonder if that’s where you should get off.  Maybe another car is blocking you and you can’t move over fast enough.  Maybe your GPS is telling you to go a […]


How to Get Through a Crisis at Work

When I was 17 my car broke down on the side of the Mass Pike out in the middle of nowhere.  This was many long years ago before cell phones (shortly after the earth cooled – I know…) so I was pretty stuck.  So of course I panicked and worried and wrung my hands which […]


When Should You Compromise at Work?

Last week I was out scouring the internet looking for the exact words (and source) of the quote about a good compromise making everyone unhappy.  Not only did I find multiple versions and sources of it, but I found something else that interested me even more.  Depending on who you ask, compromise is either the […]


How to Deal with a Bad Boss – 6 Tips for Working with a Tough Supervisor

What do you do when your own boss is not so great? As you get better at being a manager, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are LOTS of managers who seem to have missed out on their own training and development. You may be on the receiving end of some of the new manager mistakes I talked about in an earlier post. Whether your manager is too indecisive to choose a sandwich at lunch or a dominating control freak who wants to edit your every email before you send it, you will need some strategies to survive and thrive. Here are your best options for minimizing the impact of a bad boss on your life.


Firing Employees – The New Manager’s Field Guide to Termination

Handling terminations is an unfortunate but necessary component of management. For the new manager, this can be a challenging process. This article provides clear guidance to help make the process professional if not enjoyable.

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