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Understanding HR – Basics for Managers

As a manager, unless you are working in a very tiny company you will most likely have access to an HR department to handle some of the back-end paperwork for your team. You might not know it, but being an employer is a complex process in terms of government regulations and laws, taxes, etc. There […]


Top 10 Tools and Resources for New Managers

Starting a new job with management responsibilities?  It can be overwhelming.  The good news is there are plenty of tools to help you be successful in your new management role.  Here are a few of my favorites: The Association for Talent Development – ATD (formerly ASTD) is an industry association for trainers, managers, and anyone […]


4 Tips for Solving Tough Problems

I’ve never come up with a great idea sitting at my desk going through my to-do list.  My best ideas come when I do one (or more) of these things: Walk away from the problem – Sometimes when you leave something alone for a couple of days, you see it from a different perspective and […]


The Pitfalls of Labels

The more time you spend in management or HR, the more you will come in contact with tools like DiSC, Forte, Myers Briggs and Insights Discovery Profiles.  These communication style surveys are great tools for inspiring conversation around how different people work and communicate.  But be careful when you use them because they come with […]


Surviving Your First Week On The Job

I talk a lot about surviving the transition to management, but a few weeks ago I got to pitch in and give some tips to Aquarius Magazine (a publication of Gulf News) on how to survive your first week in a new job.  The article came out yesterday and it’s full of great ideas from […]


Perspective – The Secret to Success at Work

In the last few months I’ve been asked for my best advice on how to get ahead at work and I always have the same answer – have perspective. What’s perspective? Know the big picture:  You need to understand what your company does and what your boss does.  Get to know why customers buy your […]


Keeping Your Team Members Motivated

Today I was reminded again that different people have different reasons for doing (or not doing) good work.  It’s an easy lesson to forget when you are busy and juggling multiple priorities.  You can fall into the bad habit of doling out projects based on availability and capacity rather than trying to make sure that […]


Firing Employees – The New Manager’s Field Guide to Termination

Handling terminations is an unfortunate but necessary component of management. For the new manager, this can be a challenging process. This article provides clear guidance to help make the process professional if not enjoyable.


How to Build a Team

Teambuilding is a key component of effective management. A group of happy, high-performing individuals is not a team. So how do you build a culture of mutual dependence within your team? Find out the top three key components to effective team building for new managers.

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