Book Review – The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace by Cy Wakeman

Last week Cy Wakeman released her new book The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace. I want to start by applauding Cy for pulling no punches as she delivers her perspective on how to be successful at work. It comes down to one thing and really only one thing – taking accountability for your own behavior. […]


Book Review: Give and Take by Adam Grant

It took me a long time to read Give and Take although not for the reason you might think.  While I did find that Adam Grant has a tendency to repeat himself from time to time, overall I found the book to be thought provoking.  I often put it down to consider a point and […]


Surviving Your First Week On The Job

I talk a lot about surviving the transition to management, but a few weeks ago I got to pitch in and give some tips to Aquarius Magazine (a publication of Gulf News) on how to survive your first week in a new job.  The article came out yesterday and it’s full of great ideas from […]


It’s 7PM – Do you know where your employees are?

Are your employees working the system to look diligent when they are truly slacking? Do you know which of your high performers are burning the midnight oil and which are snoozing on the coach? Learn about it here!

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