Yesterday I talked about the ROWE as in Results Only Work Environment, and today I had every intention of posting a long article on managing a remote team.  But then I came across this video of Mike Rowe speaking at TED and was struck by several things:

  1. I could not talk about sheep testicles on stage in front of several hundred people with a straight face – thankfully I don’t have to.
  2. Sometimes despite the best advice and information we think we have, it’s easy to be wrong.  It’s always better to listen to the people who actually do the job vs. the people who talk about doing the job.
  3. Mike has some great points in here (past the halfway point so hang on through the story at the beginning) about the war on work and how Hollywood, the government and others have been portraying it.

For more about Mike’s advocacy of dirty jobs and trade careers, check out Mike Rowe Works

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