How to Avoid Being a Horrible Boss: The Manipulator Edition

Some horrible bosses are not scary like the angry manager, or disengaged like the invisible manager. They are engaged, but for all the wrong reasons. In this video I talk about a particular type of horrible boss: the manipulator. This is someone who is working their...

5 Questions to Ask on your First Day Managing a New Team

Taking over a new team is tough. When you come in the door as a manager, all eyes are on you, and what you do during the first few days and weeks will set the stage for how you are perceived, and how you relate to your new team members.  All that pressure, and you...

How to Avoid Being a Horrible Boss: The Angry Manager Edition

Have you ever worked for the kind of boss you're afraid to give bad news? In today's episode of how to avoid being a horrible boss, I talk about how to deal with an angry manager, and what to do if you think you might be a horrible boss!

Great Managers Practice This Essential Communication Skill

Have you ever worked for a really great manager? We hear a lot these days about horrible bosses, disengaged employees, and how work, in general, isn't much fun. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are some awesome places to work, and one of the things that...

How to Avoid Being a Horrible Boss: The Invisible Manager Edition Are you a horrible boss? In this episode, I talk about what happens when managers disengage and become invisible. This kind of manager can be frustrating because they just don't care, leaving their team in limbo. Managers can become...

Finding Your Time Management Fit

Ask anyone how they are doing these days, and you’ll likely get an answer that includes the word ‘busy’. It seems like everyone is running 100 miles per hour between trying to be great at work, eat right, exercise, socialize, spend time with family, and fit in enough...

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