Career Planning Workshop

A half-day, hands-on workshop to learn how to develop a detailed professional development plan designed for today’s rapidly changing workplace. Learn why the ladder is the wrong model, and what you need to know to get ahead in 2018!

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Scheduled Workshops:

Marlborough, MA – January, 2018

Natick, MA – February 2018

Worcester, MA – March, 2018

Boston, MA – April, 2018

What’s Covered in the Career Planning Workshop?

There are no straight lines in career development these days. What used to be a ladder now looks more like a jungle gym. Should you focus on the management track, or pursue deep technical knowledge? What are the most valuable skills in today’s job market? How do you stay on top of your game, and avoid becoming obsolete? In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to take the lead in your personal professional development.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the career “ladder” is dead (and how you should be thinking about your career instead).
  • How to assess yourself and your skills to identify your best opportunities.
  • Two models for goal planning (and hands-on activities to create an actionable plan).



The career planning workshop was amazing! I love the tools we used in the course, and having access to the online version as well was great. I can go back anytime an revisit specific modules.

Kat R.

Network Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Katy’s hands-on workshop on career planning was phenomenal. I had a great experience and continue to use the goal planning tools we covered in the course.

Marcus C.

Attendee, Interop



Mid-Career Professionals


Recent Graduates


Experienced Managers


Katy Tynan

Katy Tynan

Leadership Development Consultant and Coach

Katy Tynan is the bestselling author of practical guides to leadership and career development, and an internationally recognized expert on how work is evolving. In a world where 70% of employees are disengaged, Katy helps organizations ditch out of date management practices and create an inspiring, engaging culture.

Over her 20-year career in talent development, Katy has worked with hundreds of emerging and established leaders to improve their skills and master the art and science of management.

Katy is the author of Survive Your Promotion! The 90 Day Success Plan for New Managers, and her latest book How Did I Not See This Coming? A New Manager’s Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster from ATD Press.

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