Custom Training

Give your new managers the tools to make the leap! Our new manager training workshops are practical, hands on lessons in the skills required to be a successful leader. Choose from a variety of core modules to build a workshop that’s right for you, or select one of our standard one, two, or three day workshop packages.

The Role of the Manager – You’ve been promoted, congratulations! But the skills and habits that made you a great individual contributor won’t help you be successful in your new role. In this module we’ll take a closer look at what it means to manage a team, what skills and tools and resources you’ll need, and how to build a strategy for success

Team Dynamics – As a manager, one of the first things you’ll need to understand is how teams function and how to build communication strategies. We’ll break into teams and complete a challenging exercise to demonstrate how teams make decisions, and how to become a facilitator not a dictator.

Goal Planning – Setting goals with your team and aligning your team goals with the organization is a powerful way to motivate. In this session we’ll talk through goal planning frameworks such as SMART goals and the GRASP goal planning model. The module includes a practical exercise in evaluating and improving goals, as well as resources to track progress

Giving Feedback – A key part of management is giving your team members feedback. Regular feedback is the foundation of ongoing performance management. In this module we’ll talk through the do’s and don’ts of giving feedback. This session includes opportunities to practice giving feedback, including preparing for a conversation, dealing with a negative response, and strategies for making feedback more effective.

Time Management Strategies and Tools – Management involves juggling priorities, and keeping track of both large projects and small tasks. In this module attendees will learn key strategies for managing time and tasks. We’ll also talk about prioritization, and lean practical strategies for keeping your team’s focus on the most important objectives.

Meeting Facilitation – Running efficient and effective meetings is a skill all managers must master. In this session we’ll review key techniques for planning and running small and large group meetings. From setting agendas and expectations to dealing with conflict during meetings, this session explores strategies and tools for maximizing the value of group meetings.

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