Leadership and confidence go together like coffee and doughnuts. No one lines up to follow insecure people, and those who project confidence seem to draw followers like moths to a flame. But how do you develop and project confidence when you’re brand new at something? It may seem like an odd place to draw inspiration but try taking a page out of Cher’s book.

Am I really telling you to emulate a pop star as a management strategy? Yup and here’s why.

In an interview for Behind the Music she said two things that stuck with me:

I don’t have confidence – I don’t do things out of confidence.  I just do them for lack of any other road.

Sometimes taking on a new role can be like driving in the fog – you can only see a few feet in front of you and you have to make decisions based on the information you have.  I’m sure that if Cher could have seen her career from a point 10 years forward in time, she would have had all the confidence she needed to go out on the stage.  But when you don’t know, you have to act anyway.  If you don’t know what to do, make a choice and follow it through.  If you make a mistake, learn from it and drive on.

Here’s the second quote:

The sad thing is that until you do something, no one believes that you’re going to do it – even you don’t believe it.

It’s all about that first opportunity.  Who didn’t laugh the first time Cher’s name showed up in the credits when she transitioned to acting in movies?  But if you want something – whether it’s your first management job or a big career shift – you have to be your own biggest advocate.  No one is going to come knock on your door and offer you the career of your dreams.  If you want it you have to pursue it relentlessly and believe that it’s worth it.

And it’s that relentless pursuit, that belief in yourself that is the source of your confidence.  It’s the well you can go to when people question whether you can do something or not.  All you have to do is project a little confidence and figure out your next move!

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