Workshops and Programs for Emerging and Established Leaders

What We Know About Leadership Development

When high performers get promoted, many of them struggle to make the transition from individual contributor to team leader. The skills required to be successful as a manager are different, and changing habits and behaviors takes time. New leaders need a blend of theory and practice, as well as support from peers and rom experts.

Our workshops can be delivered as individual programs, or combined with coaching, on-demand online learning, and custom webinars to create a robust customized solutions to support your new managers.

Mastering the 5 Skills Every Manager Needs

2 Days

Based on the ACCEL management model, and drawing from How Did I Not See This Coming? A New Managers’ Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster, a book by Katy Tynan, published by ATD Press in 2017, this workshop builds skills around the five key areas that leaders need to master to be effective in their roles. Each competency is explored through scenarios and case studies, and skills are built through interactive content, practical exercises, and reflection/self-assessment.

The five key principles are:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Listening and Assessing

In each of the five core modules, attendees will explore the science behind management principles such as vision, development, motivation, trust, and personal growth. All modules include interactive exercises, and frameworks that can be directly applied on the job.

Powerful Communication Skills for Managers

1 Day

Communication is one of the most important skills for leaders. In this interactive workshop we’ll cover three of the most important skills, active listening, feedback, and facilitating challenging conversations. Using role play, as well as other interactive tools, attendees will explore and practice their communication skills, and develop strategies for communicating effectively with their team, peers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. This program includes:


  • Active Listening
  • Giving Feedback
  • Facilitating Fierce Conversations
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Cross-cultural Communication

Growing Your Team – Supporting Professional Development

1 Day

In this interactive workshop, learners will explore the new model of career development (the lattice) and learn why the old model (the ladder) doesn’t work in today’s workplace. We’ll role play and practice creating professional development goals, discussing growth opportunities, and exploring a variety of types of growth. We’ll focus on the managers role of discovering the strengths of team members, and creating a professional development plans.

  • Define the role of the manager in supporting career development for team members.
  • Understand the new model of career growth (lattice vs. ladder).
  • Identify different types of career growth opportunities.
  • Create strategies to integrate development conversations into routine communications.

Goal Planning and Management

1 Day

In this session, attendees will participate in a workshop using the job aids and tools from the goal planning toolkit. We’ll consider the need for a vision, either at the organizational level or the team level, to help engage team members and align goals with organizational objectives. Workshop attendees will be able to practice using the goal planning toolkit so they can put it into practice with their team.


  • Understand the hierarchy of purpose, vision, goals, projects and tasks.
  • Use the SWOT framework to complete a personal evaluation.
  • Create a SMART goal.
  • Use the GRASP framework to turn a goal into an action plan.

Looking for a learning program that isn't listed here? Let us create a custom solution for your new managers!

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